Laosy Lover

“Love hurts. Keep loving.” This is the “Laosy Lover’s” belief on love. I find it very interesting that my friends often call me and ask for my advice on this topic. I suppose I have suffered enough pain and agony to make me an expert on heartbreak. Without painful heartbreaks, how would I really value the power of love? I would like to think I am on the same boat as all those who are searching for Love. The thought of me sharing intimate moments of my experiences scares me. In many ways, I will be looking to you for advice on how to (fill in the blank) when it comes to Love. I can honestly say that I am and will be a “Laosy Lover.”

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on “Laosy Lover
One Comment on “Laosy Lover
  1. I have to say this “Laosy Lover” belief is a very wise way of thinking and living. We can’t truly value anything if its opposing side did not exist. Love is such a wonderful thing. In every journey that we take, battles and even wars are bound to happen, but its in the victories of these things that we can truly appreciate the journey, even if we come out a little bruised and wounded. It’s in this journey that we learn our hardest lessons. These lessons shape the kind of people we become. I just hope that most of us can come out on top. After all, if love is our destination, we better be prepared for an amazing journey!

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