“The Laosy Life”

Welcome to “The Laosy Life!”

How can life be great and “Laosy” at the same time? If you are looking for an answer, you have arrived at the right site!

In spite of all the day-to-day challenges we all experience, life as a whole, is great. Believe me, I have plenty of challenges to last ten lifetimes. Care to take some from me? :) If life was easy and painless, then we wouldn’t discover the value of our existence and our purpose.

This blog represents an outlet for me to share experiences, mine and yours, that will help shed light on our existence. The blog is a concrete example of living outside my comfort zone. Taking risks is the only way to really learn about life and who you are. God knows I have taken many risks and have learned a great deal along the way through a series of mistakes. I intend to share the many interesting topics of life, ranging from daily tidbits, relationships, career, parenting, spirituality and everything under the sun and moon. :) Of course, all my experiences will be “Laosy.” I really hope you will join me on this journey and interact as often as you can. Life is more enjoyable with a caravan of fun-loving people laughing away along the road together. Enjoy!

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