Birthday Wish List – 30.39

December 13th 0.39

Yay! Today is my birthday. I feel great with my heart open to all the love from my friends and family. Thank you to everyone for sending me your kind birthday wishes. It is absolutely the only thing I want for my birthday – LOVE! I hope everyone can share more love to one another and conquer the hatred that plagues our world today. In the words of one my favorite bands, “In the name of love, want more in the name of love.” I know the world will be better if we can all love more.

December 12th 1.39

There’s a spiritual power that lives within us. It is always there even if you can’t see it. I’m so blessed in many ways and have had an amazing connection to my guardian angels. When I am in need, they are always there to guide me to where I need to be. They come in different ways. The signs are always there to see. I hope to continue this beautiful relationship with my angels. I hope people can open up to the angels and experience the power of faith.


December 11th 2.39


As I get closer to my next chapter of life, I reflect at the past year. Life is never easy. There were decisions that I have made that was hard. I have learned in life that you can’t please everyone and I should not make decisions to accommodate others, rather make decisions that will help me grow as a person. It takes a lot of courage to grow. I know I will need more courage for the road ahead.

December 10th 3.39

This next video is a great example of what I would love to see more in the world. I know millions of people would agree with me.

December 9th 4.39

As I get closer to my birthday, I am wondering how I will feel on that day. It will be fun to celebrate with friends and family. I’m looking forward to a great party and celebration.

December 8th 5.39

I have been watching my health in recent years. This week I returned back to the gym after a few months of taking it too easy. I want to get back to a 3 or 4 days a week schedule like last year. It felt great having a consistent routine. I will have to make it a priority on my weekly schedule. I would like to improve my swimming so I can compete in a sprint triathlon next year.

Lap Swim


December 7th 6.39

It’s been a very warm winter so far. I can’t complain. I do wish to have the opportunity to visit Hawaii soon and enjoy a relaxing vacation.


December 6th 7.39

One more week to go! I had an interesting conversation with my family today. They wanted me to wish for a million bucks or a couple hundred million, simply win the lottery. They believe whatever I say or want comes true. I told them it doesn’t work like that and my so called “powers” does not extend to winning the lottery. Granted, I would love to win the lottery. I just don’t believe it will happen. Maybe that is the problem, I don’t believe. Maybe I should start believing test out their theory. LOL

I do believe in working hard every day and staying humble. The more I do that, the more lucky I get. I hope to work harder and stay humble in the next stage of my life.


December 5th 8.39

My cousin asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He insisted that I tell him something to buy me. I told him he didn’t have to get me anything. He kept on insisting. I finally told him to buy me a book. He said, a book? Yes, people still read. It is one of the things I wish I can do more of.


December 4th 9.39

It’s my birthday so I can wish for anything I want no matter how crazy or impossible it is. I believe the Cubs will win a World Series in my lifetime. Go Cubs Go!

Cubs World Series Champions

December 3rd 10.39

Let’s just give! Giving unlocks the soul’s desire to help others. It leads to happiness.


December 2nd 11.39

Here’s to the best holiday movies of all time. I can’t wait to watch all of my favorites. I would like a DVD collection and will start collecting these favorites. I can’t believe it has been 25 years since Home Alone became my all time favorite. It definitely inspired me in many ways. Sledding down our stairs was priceless. Thanks Kevin!


December 1st 12.39

It’s official December. My favorite month of year! It is true… they save the best for last. Aside the fact that it is my birthday month, it is also the month where people show the most compassion. The holidays always brings out the best in others. I hope that this month will be a period where compassion is abundant. We need more love to eradicate the hate that has been polluting our world.

November 30th 13.39

I am about to close out the end of the month. It will also complete the first full year with my current employer. There’s no better feeling that making your goals. It was not easy by any means. It took a lot of hard work, day in and day out. I am just so excited about the recent success and know next year’s goal is within reach. I will work towards greater success every day. Things are looking up!

Career Success

November 29th 14.39

We went car shopping with my uncle and cousin. I have my eyes on this one.


November 28th 15.39

We went to a childhood friend’s house today. Incidentally, I was reunited with a few college friends including one of my mentors. It has been 16 years since I started college. My friendship with my childhood friend is over 30 years and going strong. I wish to have another 30 years to celebrate our friendship.


November 27th 16.39

I am still in need of one these. Go Blackhawks!

Blackhawks Jersey

November 26th 17.39

It’s Thanksgiving! Let us all be thankful for the opportunity to love and share our love to all. I wish everyone would take some time to reflect on life and be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had a great family Thanksgiving dinner. One of the best in recent years. I know we will continue to have many more great Thanksgiving dinners for many years to come. I can’t wait to see how my family grows. I hope we all grow deeper in love for each other and the world.


November 25th 18.39

It’s one more day before Thanksgiving. Like many years before me, I start listing all the people I am thankful for. Without their presence and influence, I would not be the person I am today, for better or worst. Thank you everyone for your endless love and support. I’m grateful and thankful. I will continue to show my gratitude to all for many years to come.



November 24th 19.39

I remember when I was a child how often we played outside no matter what the conditions – rain, shine, snow, cold. Nothing really beat the excitement of playing outside with my friends. It is alarming that in today’s society, less and less children are out playing. I hope to continue to play and that my family plays too. Nothing beats family fun time!


November 23rd 20.39

There is an immense power in art. We are now members of the Art Institute of Chicago. It has given us the opportunity to explore the timeless and priceless pieces of art. I hope to collect more art next year and for many years to come. This is one of my favorite pieces from Thep Thavonsouk.

Fine Art from Thep Thavonsouk

Fine Art from Thep Thavonsouk


November 22nd 21.39

All I want is to love more and receive more love! Love! Love! Love! How much better would the world be if we can just love each other?

The Ways to Love

November 21st 22.39

It’s almost Black Friday shopping time. I am in need of a new suit. This Burberry suit is the look I would like. It’s time to upgrade my wardrobe.

Burberry Suit

November 20th 23.39

Nothing like a movie date to invigorate the soul. We saw The Hunger Games tonight. It was the final episode of the series. It was a great experience to watch it in an IMAX theater. I think I would to check out more movies on IMAX!

The Hunger Games 2

November 19th 24.39

Everyday is a special day for someone. Today, I want to wish “Mushu” a Happy Birthday. You will always be in my heart.


November 18th 25.39

For the next upcoming year of my life, I want to have a stronger commitment to succeed in all areas of my life. There is nothing I can’t achieve. Life is full of opportunities and it is up to me to achieve them!

No Excuses

November 17th 26.39

Live, Laugh, Love

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. I hope my love is strong enough to make a difference in my world. I choose to love every day no matter what. To live, to laugh, to love! What is better than that?

November 16th 27.39

There’s a power in just losing yourself to classical music. Today I tuned into a genre of music I haven’t listened to for a very long time. It made me feel very calm and allowed me to reflect back on life a bit. It’s a life that I am thankful for. I wish I can make more time to just lose myself to music each day and be thankful for this opportunity to live.

November 15th 28.39

This afternoon I had my board meeting for the Lao American Organization of Elgin. We discuss various plans and programs on how to create a stronger community and advance the Lao people everywhere. These minutes that turns into hours is the time I cherish so much. We have accomplished a lot of great achievements in our community with many more to come. I hope that many more people will join us and take part in these precious minutes that mean so much for our community.


November 14th 29.39

Compassion for Paris

You can’t miss the feeling of sadness that has engulfed the world. It is the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris. As I was browsing my Facebook wall, I came across my brother’s post about spreading peace and love to everyone. It just reminded me how much I love my family and their spirit of compassion. I wish everyone shows compassion every day no matter what happens in the world.

November 13th 30.39

Today begins my thirty day countdown to my birthday. I woke up feeling motivated and made it to the gym for an early morning workout. I have been maintaining a healthier lifestyle for the past few years, focusing on strengthening my physical and mental health. It’s been a life-changing event in many ways. There’s more I want to accomplish and I will continue to work hard to make sure I feel great every day.

As I am writing this post, I can’t help but feel sadden about what is happening in Paris right now. There was a mass terrorist attack in multiple locations in the city leaving over 150+ people dead. It is just sad to know these people died an innocent death. There’s no telling where the next tragedy will occur. It is just sad. Just sad.

French Peace Sign

Today I wish for peace and pray for the victims and family in Paris. I hope there is a silver lining somewhere. I can only hope.

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