Thirty Seconds of Clarity

There’s a power in complete silence that escapes most of us. Maybe like me, you are consumed with too many pressing things like checking the latest roster updates for upcoming sport games, following up on a work conversation, cleaning household chores, paying the bills or wondering if the weather outside will change for the better. There is merit in all the activities listed. They nourish us and provide us satisfaction at influences our happiness.

Lately I have been consumed with a lot of happenings in my life. I have come to accept change will be one constant in life that I will have to learn how to live with. Even accepting the fact that I live in perpetual change doesn’t always help me feel like I have control over the things that are moving and changing. It’s the realization that I can’t influence the outcome to my desired state that overwhelms me. It can be frustrating at times, especially when I believe I did the best I could to create the desired outcome. Doing my best is all I can do. I have to accept that.


Yet, I find it hard to cope with. In times where I need comfort, I turn to others. I recently had a great conversation with a friend and was reminded about slowing things down in life and taking a different perspective. What if I didn’t do anything for 30 seconds? What would happen? Would I miss an opportunity to do something to change the world around me? How would I feel?

Yesterday, I meditated for 30 seconds, focusing on my breath and allowing the thoughts in my mind to come and go. I was fascinated how many things can pass through my head in a span of 30 seconds. At the same time, I was felt a complete relief in spirit. The issues I am dealing with didn’t “need” me. I escaped for 30 seconds and the world around me didn’t require me to take action. I felt invigorated and refreshed. It was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Later that evening, I was reading “The Pilgrimage” by Paolo Coehlo. One of the lessons he shared was about Speed. It is us that determines how much time passes in life. I had to think about that and realized he was right. I tend to move through each day at a speed that disallows me to take in the beauty and fresh air of life. I’m too worried about life that I forget to observe the miracles around me.

I am going to start my 30 seconds of silence each day and build upon it. I know it will be the most powerful 30 seconds of my life.

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