Fighting the Fight

As each and every day passes, I am reminded through the interactions of life that suffering will forever be an eternal battle and fight for us all. Just turn on the TV and we can see the pains and suffering of people. Naturally, I sympathize for the people and the circumstances. There’s never a passing day where I don’t reflect back on my life and recall all the days where nothing seemed to go right for me. My world was turned upside down and quickly faded into the never ending abyss. I felt as defeated as the people I see every day. Eventually, I discovered the fight that was worth fighting for. The fight for a better me.

Reflecting back has helped me learn and grow into a person that accepts what life has to offer. I can honestly say I work for the best in life and am never surprised when something bad or negative arises through circumstances directly or indirectly related to my actions. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

The difference between the old me and the me today is that I am able to fight the fight that matters. The fight that will make my life better. The fight that will advance me and help me grow. It took a lot of drastic and dramatic life experiences to learn how to cope with challenges. I am far from perfect and will not claim to have all the answers or powers to free myself or others of struggles. I am now better prepared to cope with and more importantly, prevent such events.

It hurts me and saddens me to see people I care about go through a period of suffering and struggles. Deep down inside I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make the world better. Well, I know first hand that we don’t live in a fantasy world and magic will not be the remedy. Here are some “Laosy” advice that I have been able to turn to when the time gets rough:

1) Hope – Many people downplay hope because it is something that escapes them. It is so close yet so far away for many. Nothing can improve for the better unless we believe there is a better place for us. No matter how difficult the challenges or struggles are, we must always have a strong belief that the solutions are within reach and we will find salvation through the darkness. It is hope that will manifest the next key ingredient.

2) Courage – To fight the fight, we must be willing to walk into our fears and conquer them. If our hope is strong, then we can trust our abilities to do the things that will make our world better. “Easier said than done” and “you don’t know what I am going through” are two responses that I typically hear. Yes, it is true, I will never really fully understand how a person is feeling and how dire the situation is. All I know is that we must be willing to face our truths and reality no matter how frightful it may appear. If we don’t make an effort, then we fall victim to our circumstances. This is how despair defeats us all. This is why our conviction that we can overcome a challenge is the key to waging the courage to fight. No one said it was going to be easy. Put on those gloves and get ready to fight.

3) Patience – There’s no easy way to grow. It is a process that can take a very long time. Sometimes we grow more dire because we don’t see any results from our efforts. There will always be days where we take a step or two steps back. It’s a part of process. The key is to continue to grow from every experience every day. If we fall on our feet today, then we must get back up. Tomorrow we can look back and say, “I’m proud I got back up and now I must continue to fight the fight.”

4) Faith – When you have the belief that the universe will reward your hope, courage and patience, then you have all the ingredients to grow. Faith is powerful. It is beyond description and will prove to be the binding power we need to overcome our struggles and challenges.

It took me a long time to discover these traits and how they all relate. Each is very important in it’s own right. Being able to combine them and utilize them together will help us fight the fight that matters. Everyone of us has the ability to grow past our current struggles and challenges. Hope, courage, patience and faith are all inside of us. “Easier said than done.” Nothing is easy. It just gets easier when we believe we can fight our fears daily knowing we will conquer them.

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