Stand By Me – Quick Tips for Lasting Relationships

“Darling, darling, stand by me…”

Nothing can be more fulfilling than having life long friendships to nourish your soul. As we all know, life happens and often times, it results in events that we are not prepared to handle. These are the times we rely on our support system – our great friends and family.

Here are some simple things you can do to grow your friendships into a life-lasting union full of fun and love.

1) Facebook “Like” – Take a couple seconds to “LIKE” your friends’ posts. Even though you might not have the time to reach out and communicate with your friends on a deeper level, at least they know you “LIKE” them.

2) Send a quick “Thank You” note – Whether you email or text, make your friends’ day by saying “Thank You” for being a great friend. Gratitude goes a long way.

3) Take action – If you and your friends haven’t talked or interacted in awhile, be the first to rekindle the friendship. Don’t wait for them, take charge!

4) Discover snail mail – When’s the last time you received a nice letter in the mail? Take some time to send a brief note or a postcard. I am sure it will surprise your friends and leave them smiling.

5) Close up loose ends – If there is something still hanging in the air between you and your friends, make a point to clear it up. Don’t be ashamed to discussed the issue no matter how difficult you think it may be. Often your friends are feeling the same way too and need your cooperation on mending any unfinished business.

6) Don’t forget the celebrations – Even if you can’t be there physically to enjoy life’s celebrations with your friends, always make a point to communicate your thoughts and send your well wishes.

7) Just listen – Sometimes we all need an ear for us to sound out our frustrations. Listen intently and don’t rush to judge.

8.) Bake some cookies – I always find it heart-warming when a friend goes out of their way to bake me something or give me a treat. If you can’t bake, then just go buy a treat to brighten your friend’s day.

9) Praise and encouragement – Show your support! We all love to hear positive feedback as it fuels our desires to achieve our goals.

10) Make plans – “When’s the next time you will be in town?” “GREAT! Let’s make plans to hangout. There’s a new spot that just opened up and I want us to go check it out.”

There are plenty more things we can do to show our love for our friends. Hopefully, you will be able to connect and grow your friendships more by doing one of the above. Feel free to leave me some of your suggestions. I am always open on learning and being the best friend I can be. :)


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