Vital Signs 3.24.12

It has been about a month since I last checked in on my fitness performance. Related to the metrics, I am extremely satisfied on how I have been able to improve. Here is a breakdown of my vital signs:

Vital Signs –

As of 2/27/13

Treadmill – 30 mins – 2.75 miles

Elliptical – 60 mins – 7.30 miles – 8:11 min per mile pace

Elliptical Sprint – 30 mins – 4.12 miles – 7:24 min per mile pace

StairMaster – 15 mins – 112 floors

Rowing Machine – 15 mins – 3,012 meters

Lap Swim – 10 mins – 8 laps

As of 3/24/13

Treadmill – 30 mins – 3.12 miles

Elliptical – 42 mins – 6 miles – 7:00 min per mile pace

Elliptical Sprint – 30 mins – 4.61 miles – 6:50 min per mile pace

StairMaster – n/a

Rowing Machine – n/a

Lap Swim – 10 mins – 12 laps

My cardio workout have improved. When I get on the elliptical now, I feel it is getting too easy to get my 30 mins in while averaging between 7-8 min mile. I don’t start breaking a sweat until about the 15 min mark. I didn’t get an hour set in this past month. I sprinted 6 miles in 42 minutes leaving myself 18 minutes to complete 2 more miles. Unfortunately that day, I was short for time. My next goal is to finish an hour set going over 8 miles. I believe if I tried to do an all out sprint, I can probably get a sub par 6 minute mile in. I’ll work up to that this next month.

I spent less days at the gym this past month. Where as I was going 5/6 days a week the prior month, I went 3/4 days a week. I need to do a better job committing to 5/6 days a month and fight my laziness. Due to the less time in the gym, I didn’t workout on the StairMaster or rowing machine, another objective I need to work on this next month. Lastly, my swim endurance improved. This is the most challenging objective of my workout. I would like to eventually swim 30 minutes continuous. It is my goal for the year.

I did have a major setback on my recovery from my herniated disc injury. I went to a hockey game. Sat through three hours of action with moderate pain in my lower back. The following day I went to dinner and a movie, ended up sitting probably another 5 hours. It was pretty stupid of me considering the stiffness and pain I was feeling. I basically added too much pressure on the tailbone which happens to be the location of my injury. As a result, I was pretty much unable to walk or sit for the next week. I am currently writing this laying on my stomach to keep pressure off my back. It has been a very dismal and painful experience. I am pretty upset with myself for not listening to my body and subjecting myself to more pain. I should have canceled my plans and took the safe boring route instead of the social route. Lesson learned! Now I have to wait a few more days to start my workout again. I am sure I will have to start slowly to recondition my body. Hopefully I will be able to gain my endurance and strength back with ease. Fingers crossed.

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