Hitting the Reset Button

There are times that I wonder how I arrived to where I am today. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. These are the times I reflect and give myself a self-assessment of current state. I find it healthy to put myself under the microscope and examine the feelings deeply buried in me. The self-examination is liberating once I discover the things that plague me at the moment. It allows me to focus on learning about myself and start working on improving and growing myself.

I came across this article today through a posted link on Facebook. One of my childhood friends posted a link about happiness, “22 Things Happy People Do Differently.” I found the article very straightforward and the message is one that I have discovered in my journey – happiness is within, absent of material things and money. It was a comforting affirmation of my personal experience with money and happiness. I have now come to believe that my happiness was not dependent on how much money was in my bank account. Being unemployed and broke due to the economy, I had all the reasons to hate life and myself. My old self would have regressed into a depression and go on a rampage blaming anything and everything. I was fortunate to discover the origin of happiness and became a better person. It was a life changing experience and I had to hit rock bottom financially to really understand it. I am grateful for that experience.

Where am I today? Well, I am happy. I ask myself, “If I am happy, then my life is perfect.” I am happy but not satisfied. There is still a great area of growth for me like re-establishing my career and building great relationships with the ones I care. These are just a few of the areas I am working on now. Somehow I find that there is no shortage of areas for me to grow. I think I like knowing that I can never complete a task. It’s a fluid growth trajectory.

As I came across this article,”48 Ways to Get Your Life In Order,” I realize that I have a lot of work ahead. There seems to be an on-going trend with this list. Many of the items relate to throwing away old items like clothes or documents. Like old clothes or documents, I have old unfinished business I need to tend to. Things I have put off. It’s time for me to start making a list and tackle each item aggressively. I know it is for better. Life gives us the opportunity to “hit the reset” button as many times as we want. I think the key is to hit the button with purpose and conviction that the next phase will be better than the previous. We have to keep progressing each day.

One of things I learned from one of my mentors is pacing. I see a lot of people try to change, achieve and bite more than they can chew. This pace often leads to an unfulfilled outcome where nothing gets done and fuels the fire of frustration. I used to be like this. My mind was running faster than my legs. Once I learned the concept of pacing, I was able to set realistic goals that would help me build momentum leading to a positive gain in confidence, resulting in achievement.

From the article, I am going to tackle number 7 “Start each day with a clear to-do list along with your cup of morning coffee.” I typically have an idea of what I want to achieve every day. I just want to be more consistent and I think taking time to write down my list every morning will help me focus. Additionally, I am going to ask a friend to be my “Growth Coach.” This person will keep me accountable and make sure I am making my list daily. I think the list will be a great start for me and will be a trigger for other areas I want to work on like. I can see myself adding onto my list #27 Read inspirational biographies.

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