Life is Beautiful

We are a little bit over the half year mark for 2012 and after spending a few minutes looking back at the past events from this year, I am feeling an intense feeling of joy and gratefulness. I don’t remember feeling this great about life in a long time. It has been awhile since I can just sit and say, “I feel great. I feel complete. I am happy.” All I can share is my smile and enthusiasm to wake up tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that.

Interestingly, life has not been perfect. It will never be. I have had my share of rough patches and low moments. It has not always been all fun and joy. I have had many crazy events that set me back financially, physically and emotionally. Despite the situation, I have learned to me honest with myself. If I am broke or running low on money, I share it with my friends and family. I am no longer ashamed to say, “Hey, I left my wallet at home and don’t have funds for today. Can you adopt me for the day?” LOL, it has been known as “Adoption Day.” I am pleasantly surprised how many people volunteer to help me without any remorse. Thanks guys!

(This picture says it all. Smile and have fun. Life is short and full of beautiful moments!)

In the same token, when I hurt myself physically, people are so eager to accommodate and come to my help. I have received a great share of random surprises of great gestures from people I would’ve never expected it. What a great feeling to have when someone makes your day with the smallest token of their appreciation. When I am feeling down or going through an emotional period, I seek console from my friends and family. They have given me the guidance, strength and encouragement to sort through my feelings and help me reconcile what I need to resolve. Call it maturity or something like that because I never used to bring people into these situations in the past in fear of shamefulness or embarrassing myself. My ego was not ready to suffer a dent.

I think that’s the joy of life. As we go through our journey, we are able to stop and reflect. We learn from our past and decisions. Trusting others and letting them into my life was something I didn’t want to do. Today, I can gladly say I have been able to stretch my comfort zone and opened up to those close to me.

It’s the reason why I am feeling great about life. Opening up myself has allowed me to close up a lot of loose ends that nags me like an annoying splinter in your skin. You probably won’t die if it remains there but it is always annoying and irritable.

As I look back to the goals I have set for 2012 in the beginning of the year, I am satisfied where I am. I have been able to check off several items and several more are in range.

One of the goals I am most proud of is “Deepen my relationships with friends and family”. This has opened the doors to many of the goals on my list. Without the help of my friends and family, the impossible would not be possible. Thanks to my friends and family. I love you all!

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