An honor to serve

On April 17, 2012 I was honored and recognized by the Asian American Institute of Chicago for our community work. It was AAI’s 20th year anniversary milestone benefit. With over 300 in attendance, it was a happy gathering of humanitarians, philanthropists, advocates, and leaders. It was an honor to be in a room full with people with great hearts and compassion.

When my name was announced for the award recognition, all I could think about was not tripping on stage. Thankfully, I walked to the center of the stage without any casualties. I was proud to represent my organization’s hard work and efforts to serve our community. Non-profit work is one that rewards the heart. We give our time, our money, and always our hearts to make a difference to others.

To be honored at such an event was a great acknowledgement for our work and service. For me, I was more ecstatic at the fact that now our community and cause has reached the attention of others who share the spirit of giving and service. Not many people are aware of the unique challenges that our community faces and the steps we are doing to achieve milestones and advance our cause. I am and will always be the messenger to our cause.

I am sincerely grateful to be honored and to share to the world our community’s plight to advance. I am confident, going forward, that our seniors will receive the necessary health and medical care, that our youth will have the resources to achieve academic and personal success beyond college, that our work labor force will have employment opportunities and financial success, and that our organization will have sufficient funds to hire staff to continue our work.


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