Traveling to Laos? Check out this review…

I was pleasantly surprised to read this great review of a city I fell in love with on my epic trip to Laos during the Summer of ’10. The city was jumping with tourists enjoying every inch of this ancient land. Vientiane might possibly be one of the few cities left in this world where you have physical relics and fixtures over hundreds of years old occupying space with its modern counterpart. Modern skyscrapers and buildings are still constructed with traditional engineering methods using bamboo shoots as stilts. Click this link to read my personal review of the “Land of a Million Elephants.

After reading this review, I am compelled to make plans to travel back there. I would love to explore more and immerse myself further into the culture. The cooking classes would be fun. Plus, I didn’t really think there was a tour available to visit the dam. Lastly, I didn’t get a chance to see the ancient temple.

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I am hoping to travel back to Laos soon. There is an outside chance I can make it towards the end of 2012 if I am able to meet several goals. I will be working hard to achieve these goals so I can experience this great city.

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