Mission Impossible

It is a few weeks into 2012. It has been an extremely busy month. I have been running in overdrive and loving it. So far so good. Work has been great. I am off to a super great start and setting a great foundation for the rest of 2012. I just reread my birthday countdown and the thought of challenging myself to greater heights to achieve more this year is on my mind.

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. – Arthur C Clarke

This is one of my favorite quotes. It signifies walking into darkness not knowing what is going to happen and somehow, through the darkness, you arrive in the light, trusting in yourself to conquer your fears. I feel like this is my life every day. I have set my goals high this year and know that what I do, day-in day-out, will determine how successful I will be in towards the end of the year.

For work, I want to continue push myself to see how successful I can be. I would like to see myself in the top of the sales rankings every month. I will have to continue to learn and refine my presentation skills. My stretch goal is to sell and grow monthly revenue to $100k by the end of the year. Yeah, quite impossible!

For LAOE, I have decided to take on more responsibility here by accepting to drive the Civic Engagement Program and working with the Asian American Institute. I have identified this as an extremely important program that will help advance our community. It was time for me to take the leadership position. I have set a strategic five year plan for the organization. Of all the challenges I have created this year, this is the one that strikes the most fear. Into the darkness I go…

For Lao Youth Leaders, 2012 will be another test. I plan to transform this group and set a foundation for future growth by empowering the Youth to take lead and take control of our success. I will serve more as an adviser and take an outsider seat to the Youth’s effort. We have set several key initiatives. I am looking forward on seeing the fruits of the Youth’s labor pay-off at the end of the year.

For fitness, I made a conscious decision in 2011 to make fitness a central part of my lifestyle. When I was young, playing sports was all I did and wanted to do. The last few years, I have put a lot of my physical fitness plans in the back burner. I am going go start working out more consistently and be more productive in team sports. It will be hard to top 2011 where I won two championships, basketball and softball. I surely will have tons of fun getting into better shape and winning more championships!

For relationships, 2011 was another great year. After a few rocky years, life settled down resulting in less drama. It was a year of fresh year. I was able to reconnect with old friends and establish new and strong relationships with new friends. I took a lot of risks in 2011 in order to learn what I like/dislike and what I needed versus what I wanted. It was a great year and feel more centered on where I am going with the relationships in my life. I will continue to be open to what life has in store in 2012 and will continue to take risks to improve the quality of my relationships.

For Spirit, I want to continue to deepen my faith and trust in God. He has been a great influence and blessed me with so much. When I need him, he has always been there. The power of prayers are strong and true. I will pray more consistently this year and deepen my belief through worship.

Here is a list of several things I would like to accomplish in 2012 (I will continue to update this to stay current on my goals and ambitions for 2012):

  • Compete in a sprint triathlon
  • Visit Laos and build a water sanitation system
  • Donate books and supplies to schools in Laos
  • Sponsor a classroom in Laos
  • Buy a new car
  • Award over $10k in scholarships to the Lao Youth Leaders
  • Create a census counting over 500 Laotian households
  • Increase voter participation for Lao Americans achieving at least 200 votes
  • Have 4 $10k sales month at work
  • Get promoted
  • Visit my sister in Spain
  • Start photography collection
  • Win new softball championship with new team
  • Achieve my strategic goals for LAOE
  • Open new doors for funding for LAOE
  • Deepen my relationships with friends and family
  • Re-establish my blog on ChicagNow
  • Pay-off debt
  • Go to more than 3 Cubs games
  • Plan my tie fashion business
  • Join a beach volleyball team
  • Get a new cell phone
  • Get a new laptop
  • Clean and redesign my bedroom
  • Win a major poker tournament
  • Eat lobster at a beach-side restaurant
  • Say I do to another question
  • Get a new hair style
  • Win a Fantasy Football championship
  • Help my family achieve their goals
  • Add another mentor
  • Say “I love you” in a different language in a different country
  • Feed children in a different country
  • Celebrate my birthday in a different country


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