Taking out the Trash

I just recently found some inspiration to start expressing through poetry. Here is today’s haiku:

If it’s not today,
Your life will never prosper,
Fortune is waiting.

Days are going by quickly and sadly, all our days are numbered. I find it a battle every day to fight through my bad habits. It is so easy to be lazy and avoid simple tasks like taking out the trash. Taking out the trash is a metaphor for enjoying the best of life. It takes a focused and disciplined approach each day to achieve success and I have to continue to complete tasks or it will just build up as trash in my life.

The more I remove the trash, the more I will discover the beauty within. Fortune is waiting, what are you waiting for? Take out that trash! :)

One Comment

on “Taking out the Trash
One Comment on “Taking out the Trash
  1. Dear Alan!

    You just had found a great wisdom to lead you to find more Loves, Happiness, success.
    Take out your trash! is not just a household chore. Go deeper… when we learn to take out our trashes from our Mental, Physical we learn how to balance our life so we learn to understand to make a good choices that will add to our Spiritual action. We will find our new self living to the next healthy life style and enjoy more life of what we have. The more trash that we empty the more move we can flow…
    Very good Topic and please continue to empty your trashes.
    So proud of you.
    Love always.

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