Winter Champs!

Last night my basketball team won our league championship! Looking back, it was truly a championship style game. The other team focused on shutting down our leading scorer, Allen. He had carried us and had come up so big during the season. Last night he was limited due to constant pressure and harassment from the opposing team. I give a lot of credit to the other team for executing this game plan to shut Allen down.

With Allen pushing through one of his off-nights, our team pulled together and scraped through a very close battle. We jumped out to a 11-2 lead and ended up tied at half-time. We came out more aggressive on the defensive side of the ball, focusing on pressuring their leading scorer Scott and applying the same harassment tactics they were giving Allen. With some great timely baskets and a clutch performance from our point guard, Jon, we were able to control the score, leading throughout the 2nd half. Our lead was marginal and with a great run, the other team could take the momentum. The pressure was on our opponents and that’s when we became stronger defensively, causing havoc and chaos in their offensive set. They started fighting instead of pulling for each other.

When the final whistle blew and the game was over, we celebrated. Though we finished the season 10 wins and 1 loss, we came into the championship game as underdogs because we were playing a team that had won multiple championships. Plus, when you look at their roster and you look at ours, they had more height and one can argue, more skill.

None of that matter to us. We had confidence and we trusted every single player to play smart within the team and game. That was the overall difference. Our team represented a synergy that is hard to measure. When a team achieves that synergy, there is a strong magnetic feeling and force shared among each member. It’s the feeling that we can accomplish and achieve anything no matter what happens. Last night, our leading scorer played one of his worst games this season. It didn’t matter because we worked harder as a team to compensate for his off-night and proved that teamwork is the key to championship success.

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