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Lately, I have been enchanted by the musical talents of Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, two great friends who share the beauty of music. They have utilized their creative talents to make a name for themselves, appearing on Oprah and reaching millions more on YouTube.

It’s just great to see how they are able to take an original song and add their spice and flare. I find myself enjoying their cover versions more than the original artists. It just shows you the value of taking an original idea and adding your own creativity.

It’s the concept of Good to Great. What can you do to make a Good thing Great? Listening and watching their work has inspired me to look at areas in my life where I can go from Good to Great. Thanks Sam and Kurt for the inspiration and the entertaining music.

Here are some of my favorites:

When I first heard this song, I had no clue it was a cover from Britney Spears. I think this is definitely a lot better than the original. The song has really touched a soft spot in my life. It’s all about taking risks in pursuit of finding love:

“If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me”

I can’t really say that I loved this version better the original just because Nelly is one of my favorite artists of all time. I just love the duet style and Christina’s vocals added another dimension to this song. The song’s message is sad and reminds me of lost love and the importance of loving every day.

Let me just make one thing clear about this video, there’s is no way I think Sam is better than Michael Jackson. With that said, I do appreciate the complexity of blending Michael’s top hits and the editing of Kurt. Great tribute to the King of Pop!

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