Creativity Rocks!

I have always been a fan of thinking outside the box and creativity. One of the areas where I wish I could be more talented in is visual creativity. When I was really young, about 5/6 years old, I drew a lot and really enjoyed it. Spiderman was my favorite character to draw at that time. It was nice to re-create an image vividly with my fingertips. Somehow, I stopped drawing. It is perplexing for me to single out an event or a stage in my life where I stopped drawing and creating. I just can’t recall what happened to this hobby. Perhaps, I was too busy playing dolls with my sister and her friends. HAHA!

Below are some videos I enjoy because of the convergence of the multiple creative platforms.

(The Matrix is one of my favorite movies. I love how Neo is “dancing” to the song, Human.)

(Creativity and beauty collides. The charcoal visual effects are just more intriguing with the image of Megan Fox.)

(If you ever wore a pair of ice-skates, you can appreciate the creativity of Alexander the Great. It is definitely a dream for me to be this skilled.)

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