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I am a sucker for American Idol. Kelly Clarkson will forever be my favorite! :)

For me, the best part of American Idol is not the vocal competition but rather, the stories of each candidate. The show has done a great job enabling the dreams of many. Many can debate the shortcomings of the show like how the final voting process represents a popularity contest more then a talent contest. Yet, you can not debate how this show has brought to light the enduring journey of the contestants. I think it is reflective of the American dream. Many of us struggle through life and endure the challenge in pursuit of our dreams. Some give up. Some fight harder. In the end, the pursuit is the victory.

I recently posted about dreams and how I was inspired through my work with the youth in my community. Lately, I have been feeling sentimental and re-living some of my dreams from childhood. Watching American Idol has added to my engine to forge ahead as I continue to battle and endure through my journey.

As I follow along this season of American Idol, I am moved and inspired by the great stories of several contestants. Below are some of my favorites and thoughts on each clip:

To be or not to be… Yoji Pop has an ability to entertain an audience. Where he can do this is the unknown. This clip is entertaining. I hope he lands in a place where he can utilize his skills (Coming to you from a Las Vegas Karaoke bar – Welcome Yoji Pop!!) ….

To unlock the power of music… I couldn’t get the memories of my mother working three jobs while I was a child as I watched Paris Tassin give a heartful audition. She sang for her daughter and it moved J-Lo to tears. Parenthood is always a challenge no matter who you are. I wish her well and hope one day to hear about her daughter reaching her dreams…

To be young and full of spirit again… Victoria Huggins gave such a lovable effort. She is bubbly and adorable. As my family and I were watching, we were yelling at the TV and judges not to “punk” her and vote her in. She pulls off a great gesture to win Randy over that made us give a loud roar of appreciation of her cause. Sign her up to the Mickey Mouse Club….

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part… I admit, I cried and cared deeply for Chris Medina. To live in his shoes and do what he is doing… wow, he is truly a great example of holding love to the purest vow. Chris opened my heart and shook it up to remind me of how others live and love in this world. He is my candidate to win it all. If he makes it pass Hollywood week, I will making a great push for you all to vote for him…

I can’t wait for next week’s episodes. Let’s see who makes it to the final stage.


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  1. Thank you for positive, encouraging comments about Victoria’s journey on American Idol. Her goal was to be a good role model and be herself while pursuing her dream to sing and encourage millions on a nationally viewed television show. Be blessed!

    • Hi Beverly! She did just that. She was inspiring while keeping her true self and faith in tact. I wish her the best and know she will achieve her dreams. Thank you for finding my site. All the blessings to you and Victoria!

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