What to do about our country?

President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address last night. I was able to listen to the opening half and after hearing the same old rhetoric, I decided to tune out.

It has to be a tough job being the President of the United States, no doubt! I am going to give President Obama the kudos for trying his best. I think his ability to instill hope in America has not led to substantial policy growth or an impact on the overall well-being of America. Perhaps, a lot of what he is battling was there before he came into office.

The economy was already plummeting. Everyone knew this was his biggest challenge entering the presidency. Instead of focusing on getting the economy back to a healthy mark, he spent his first years pushing health care reforms. Interestingly enough, he has even acknowledged his lack of attention on the economy numerous times.

Now we are no better than we were when he first came to office. In many ways, we are worse. We are losing so much money and jobs to overseas competitors. China has been able to be a magnet for money and technology innovations. Listening to Donal Trump, it affirmed my dissatisfaction of government. Is President Obama missing the bigger issues like fair trade with China and other countries? Does he recognize all the states that are bankrupt? Is he conscious of his surroundings?

I think President Obama has to focus on becoming a strong deal maker if he wants to move this country out of the dead-end it is at now. He has to use his skills to influence Congress to work with one another and do what is right for the country. I find it ironic that he echoes my opinion. He obviously is aware of this bottleneck. I want him to stop using his oratory skills to sound smart. I would like him to focus now on walking the walk and gaining substance. This has been a great challenge for him. It is now time for action. Let’s see how he does.

Here is link to hear Donald Trump’s overview of President Obama’s State of the Union Address:


At the end of the day, I have realized that as a citizen of this great country, I have to continue to do my best day-to-day to make my life and world better. I have to take personal responsibility to make the right decisions. I will continue to live by this mantra.

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