The Spark

The last few weeks I have been running on overdrive and been tackling many initiatives. I have felt a surge of energy and focus that is fueling my passion. I have been waiting for this wave of excitement for a long time. It had escaped me in the past years. No matter how hard I worked to find it, I always seem to catch a glimpse of it and somehow manage to lose sight of it again.

This year and the past couple of weeks, I am feeling a great lift in spirit. I had some time to reflect back and I have realized I am getting back to the things I LOVE to do. I am putting the pieces back in my life that gives me joy and pleasure. The last few years have been a lot of movement and scrambling to understand who I am and what I am all about.

Thankfully, I have been able to work through a lot of events that opened my eyes to my reality. I now feel great and confident on where I am heading. It is this clarity that has sparked the renewal in my life. I am ready to go forth and ready to get back to being busy on living and enjoying life.

It’s interesting to know that I strive when I am engaging in work and projects. I do have a disease of wanting to work more and do more. It goes to my very core purpose of achievement. I always wanted to learn as much as I can so I can achieve as much as I can in this world.

I recently MC’ed an event for my community. It was a Teen Career Fair where successful professionals gave speeches and advised the youth on strategies for success. In the process of preparing for this event, I rediscovered the power of dreaming.

My core message to the audience was to expand their dream the “Almost Impossible Dream” be relentless on achieving their dreams. In many ways, the message was for me. I needed to remind myself of the great dreams I had when I was a youth and how I have achieved many of these dreams. I had to remind myself the big big big big big big dreams that I am carrying from my youth. I had to remind myself to keep on fighting and be strong.

During the presentation, I gave a brief summary of role models and how they relate to your dreams. I had to pause in front of the crowd because I felt tears bursting out of my eyes as I told them my role model was my grandfather. Here is a man that was subjected to live in a dirt hole for 13 years of his life because of his allegiance to his country. For 13 years, he had minimal contact with humans. It is a long time to be buried alive. Any other human being would have broke in faith and spirit. My grandfather lasted the test and deepened his love for life. To me, this was a remarkable feat and demonstrates the power of the human mind and body. It was also a reminder that no matter how bad I think I am in life, it can never compare to the solitude of dirt hole. My grandfather is a symbol of strength, courage, and ultimately, love.

I had the opportunity to visit him last year in Laos. He made me cry because on our first day, he took my hand, held it and we walk around the neighborhood. He told me stories about himself and our family. I truly felt like a five year old sharing an experience with my grandfather. This memory and experience are priceless considering all he has gone through in life and also, that this was my first time back to my birth country of Laos since 1979. I hope to have the opportunity to share a priceless moment like this with my grandchildren one day.

These were the images and thoughts that spanned quickly through my head as I addressed the audience. I told them to give me a moment as I allow myself to feel this emotion. After a few quick seconds, I was able to collect myself and continue the presentation. It was important for me to set the tone of the event and solidify the message to the audience. Little did I know, I was delivering the message to myself.

The event turned out to be a great success. As a presenter, you can always gauge the success of the event on stage. When I was looking towards the audience, I could see all the goodwill and great spirits in the room. People were engaging. People were laughing. People were smiling. People were helping others. People were dreaming! And people were enabling others’ dreams!!!

(click image to view Teen Career Fair gallery)

It was a very inspirational moment for many. For me, it was an event that fueled this renewal of self. I have finally came to terms that I love being busy. I love being in the game. I love helping others. I love making things happen. I love excitement. I love living. I remember back in college when I had a similar passion to do everything. It was a great period in my life where I felt an overwhelming confidence to live.

Today I am feeling that spark that has escaped me the last couple of years. I needed to go through the lost woods and search for the spark. It was lost. Now it is found.

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