How to battle and defeat the holiday blues!

Ho ho ho hum bah hum bugh! *sigh* As joyous and merry the holidays can be, there are many out there struggling to find the holiday spirit. This time of year can be very stressful for many especially those who are unemployed or overburden with the holiday season.

For me, it has been such a crazy year with plenty of ups and downs. I have come to expect this from life. Challenges and surprises will always find me no matter where I am in life. There are times where I just throw up my hands and just wonder why I have to go through such episodes. After a quick tantrum, I calm down and realize that it is a gift from life, to present me with obstacles so I can conquer them. It took be a long time in life to accept this lesson and it will take be a longer time to master it.
With Christmas quickly approaching, I have a lot on my mind. Outside of my personal concerns that compound my stress, I am always wondering how others who have no hope are coping with the holiday blues. I can easily fall into this depressing trap and have entered the hole quite too often. When I am aware of how I am feeling, I start sorting out my emotional reactions and shift my attitude to climb out of the hole.
Resilience is a double edge sword. You hate to be resilient because it assumes you are in some sort of crisis or setback. Heck, no one wants to live life in crisis. Unfortunately, it is a part of the fabric of life and there’s nothing you can do about it. Crisis will come and go. How often they come and how fast they go can be controlled by us.
Here are some “Laosy” tips to conquer the holiday blues:
1) Truth in Awareness – Are you honest with yourself? Are you aware of your emotional condition and the behaviors of those around you? Do you know what is causing you to feel defeated or depressed? Resilient people are aware of their surroundings and emotions. Awareness allows us to maintain control over the situation.
2) Life is “Laosy” – Let’s admit it. Bad things happen to good people. No matter how hard we work to do good, bad things happen. Problems arise that are out of our control. When this happens, we tend to ask “why?” The inquiry often leads us to a state of disbelief because it just doesn’t make sense why something bad is happening. Accept and understand that life will present conflicts and crisis. We can’t avoid it. All we can do is be open, flexible, and willing to change.
3) Reach out to others – No, I am not suggesting you post all your headaches on Facebook or Twitter like millions of people. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Typically, those who do post their problems on social media sites are simply reaching out for help and expressing their pains. It is important to have a network of friends and supporters to express our challenges. A strong support group can provide perspectives and advice on how to cope with the challenges. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone who will listen. Open up to people and trust they will support you.
It took me forever to come to the truth about myself and my challenges. Once I was able to swallow the truth pill, it took me some time to open up to people about my problems. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered how caring and compassionate others were towards me. They understood my challenges and provided the necessary support for me to cope with my challenges. I wish I would have learned this “Laosy” lesson years ago.
Don’t drown yourself in the holiday blues! Be honest with yourself on what is going on. Reach out to a friend to express your challenges.
If you know someone who might be going through some holiday blues, be a friend and reach out to them to say hello.

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