Tom Cruise, Alyssa Milano and Shania Twain living “The Laosy Life?”

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Let’s take a look at some influences that has made me this “Laosy” guy and shaped my perspectives.

Movies: Top Gun, Star Wars, Revenge of the Nerds, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Notebook, The Hobbit, Forrest Gump, Graves of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Goonies, Home Alone, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

(I am a geek that ditches work to fly fighter planes over Chicago looking for mystical creatures and with a little luck, will walk out of the sunset in glorious form as my hot scarlet rushes to kiss me. Yeah, that’s totally me!)

TV Shows: Mark & Mindy, Perfect Strangers, Happy Days, Dr. Who, I Dream of Jeanie, X-Files, Friends, Seinfeld, South Park, The Simpson, He-Man, Smurfs, Snorkles, Thunder Cats, The Apprentice, Lost, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Small Wonder, Different Strokes, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Who’s the Boss, The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Inside the NFL, SportsCenter

(I am a dork that wanted to be cool, charming, funny and hip enough to win Alyssa Milano’s heart. I would even settle for Winnie Cooper. I couldn’t date Vicki unless I wanted electric stimulation. Jeanie was a little bit past my prime but that’s the new trend now-a-days. Does Barbara Eden qualify as a cougar? LOL)

Music: U2, New Order, Shania Twain, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Boys II Men, The Cure, Bond, Enrique Iglesias, Bread, Keane, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Erasure, Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Lifehouse, Pachebel, Lady Gaga, The Fray, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan

(I can go on and on and on… Music is the elixir to my soul. I can spend all day karaoking and singing my sorrows away. One day, I will be able to sing sweet melodies to Shania.)

Ok. So, maybe there is one of you out there reading this who can psycho-analyze me. Don’t waste your time. I already know I am beyond help. That’s why I am living “The Laosy Life.”

Stay tuned to some more endless randomness. The journey to discover life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is about to get “Laosy.”

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