My ChicagoNow Coming Out Party

I recently was accepted to write and share my blog on a greater blogger community, ChicagoNow. It is a great honor to be accepted to this growing community. I didn’t imagine how far my words can reach. It wasn’t until a good friend suggested to me that my blog was interesting and worthy to share with the world. I was really¬†hesitant of the idea in fear of rejection and publicly humiliating myself. After several weeks of nudging me, I decided to give it a shot.

Now that I have been accepted, I am overjoyed to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on this “Laosy” life. I am really looking forward on reaching new readers and interacting with them. My hope is to continue to be a positive influence in this world. If I can make a small impact through my thoughts, I am happy and will continue to contribute to this great world.

Thanks Mike for your nudging and continual encouragement. You are a true friend and fan of “The Laosy Life.” Here I come world!

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