Life After ChicagoNow

Life after ChicagoNow

Now that I am up and running on the ChicagoNow site, I am finding it very challenging to duplicate the posts to this site. I have just completed my first weekly installment of “Laosy” Advice of the Day. It has been a fun experience articulating life lessons from current and trending daily topics.

I have decided that it would be much easier for me at this time to do a weekly summary post on this site rather than updating daily. I wish the two platforms could talk to each other and that WordPress has a solution to transfer my posts from ChicagoNow to this site. I was going to add the RSS feed here but am finding it difficult with the ChicagoNow RSS feeder. Will try again later. For now, please enjoy the weekly installment of the “Laosy” Advice of the Day here. Click on the image!

The Playboy Brett Favre – 11/15/10

Runaway Ryno – 11/16/10

Bratty Brandy – 11/17/10

Tony Parker Double Dribbling – 11/18/10

Criticism Wins – 11/19/10

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