The Poverty of LOVE

It has been awhile since my last post. I have let life get a hold of me and drag me out of writing and expressing.

Frankly, I am not too upset about it. Lots of great positives have come my way during the hiatus. As rough as it has been this year career-wise, I am happy to see it coming to a very strong positive end. I will soon be living a big dream of mine. When the legalities are completed, I will let you all know. Stay tuned!

I am in a little bit of shock I have made it this far considering all the unexpected drama at work this past year. One of these days, I will have to publish an insider look at the events that have occurred over the last year and a half. Not even Quentin Tarantino can submit a plot like this. My emotional and financial state of being was tested every day and it looks like it will be like this for awhile. I tell myself that this is just another test that life is putting in front of me. I just need to find the courage and strength to fight back and work towards a better outcome.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned this year is the value of money and friendship. I am forever blessed to have a team of supporters to pull me through such a chaotic year. I do my best to return their favors and love. Karma has been my best friend. I have always believed that when you do good deeds, good deeds will find you. My friends and family have been such a lifeline this year. I couldn’t imagine how desperate and depressed millions of people in this world are feeling especially with the sagging economic conditions. When a person is faced with no money and no hope,¬†loneliness of the heart can be a devastating condition. I hope and pray that people everywhere find the energy and spirit to keep fighting. With hope and faith, a light at the end of the tunnel will emerge.

A good friend told me that the true poverty in this world is the lack of LOVE. She is young and wise beyond her years. When she told me this, the world stopped and I let her words soak in my head, then in my heart. She was right. We are missing LOVE in this world. I used to think of poverty as lack of food or lack of money. Yes, there are millions out there that have no food to eat and earn little or no money to survive. Yet, even with limited food and money, if people were loved and felt loved, they will feel a surge of life that will invigorate their spirits to live and fight another day.

Of course, I can be wrong. If I am wrong in caring and loving, then I will always choose to be wrong. If you are reading this, please take the time to say, “I Love You,” to someone. Those simple three words carry an immense power. To my friends and family that have been on this journey with me, I just want to say that I love you and I will do my best in this world to rid the world of this poverty. This is a “Laosy” life and I will continue to do my best living it.

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on “The Poverty of LOVE
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