The “Laosy” Apprentice – Power Rankings – Episode 5

E5 was all about making an impression and a statement. Trump is the king of creating an image above the norm. He is known for his boldness and toughness. The men gave Trump every reason for him to lay down the law after a horrendous fashion show that was a nightmare in a bottle. Trump makes a huge statement keeping all the men in board room during the firing session.

Thanks to Trump’s knack for creating drama, the ranking is now short two candidates. First, Wade was a sinking ship slowly plummeting after he broke his promise to Trump at the end of E3. He decided that his ego needed a lift and took the Project Manager role for E5. He tried his best to delegate and trust his team. Unfortunately, he made some tactical errors that led to his firing which brings us to the second firing. Gene has been able to keep a low profile after winning as a Project Manager in E1. I started worrying about him in E4 because he didn’t seem to have the energy and spark to compete against his peers. I finally dropped him from the rankings last week and it appears now that he is now completely off the charts due to his terrible performance in E5. I was completely embarrassed for the guy. After so many years living and breathing, you have to really know if you are cut out to MC a fashion show. He deserved to be fired. It is unfortunate and sad because he is capable of doing better. He just did not know his skill-sets accurately. If he was fully aware of his public speaking skills and how it would translate to MC’ing a fashion show, then maybe he wouldn’t take the risk.

I was so pissed at Gene for this blunder. I was hoping this would be the episode that David receives his pink slip. Somehow, this guy lucks out.

The women came on strong. It was an impressive production. All the kudos goes to Stephanie for gathering her team, identifying their strengths, and delegating appropriately.  She was firm when she to be. She was soft when she had to be. She did a great job all around.

The biggest mover this week is Brandy. She was tasked with the MC’ing duties. Unlike Gene, she was able to deliver a very smart, sophisticated and savvy performance. Trump gave her a well deserved compliment.

The “Laosy” Apprentice Rankings:

1)      Clint – He holds the top position. He is building a very good track record of performance. Clint doesn’t give up and is never seen taking a break. He has not done anything to hurt his position. Based upon his past performance, I am leaving him #1. Stephanie did a great job winning as a Project Manager. She has pushed the bar higher.  I can’t wait to see how Clint will respond once the competition heats up. I trust that his country swagger will be able to keep him going. Worker Bee, Team Player, Solid, High Energy

2)      Stephanie – She has been rising as up the ladder from the dog pen the last few weeks. It has been really great seeing her growth from E2 where she was seen as bossy. I never questioned her competency. My only question on her was how she would perform when given the spotlight. And wow, she did a fantastic job in E5. She was a very strong Project Manager that worked within a process. I like the fact that she was demanding and was not afraid to tell someone they did something wrong.  Professional, Diligent

3)      Steuart – There will be a time when Steuart will be his own man. Right now he has enjoyed a lot of success by partnering with Anand. They have achieved a great working chemistry. He did nothing to hurt his ranking and as long as he keeps performing at this consistent level, he should remain a strong contender. I am waiting for him to take the lead. So far he has allowed others to become Project Managers.  I think this can be seen as a sign of weakness. Energetic, Strong Soft Skills, Commanding Presence

4)      Brandy – She made a great impression on Trump and deserves to jump to the top half of the pack. Brandy has always delivered great insights of the tasks. E5 was her breakout moment. And yes, she has all the tools to match her good looks. She goes about her duties effortlessly and without drama. She is focused and is ready to show us more. Right now, she is my dark-horse to win it all. Like Steuart, she will need to show us her true identity and take control of a task. Focused, Professional, Intelligent

5)      Mahsa – She was my highest ranked women for the entire season until E5. I still consider very strong and able to win. Once I compared her to Stephanie, it became clear that Stephanie was more polished as a leader than Mahsa. The next few episodes will be very important to her and she will need to keep developing her skills.  She will need to show us if she will be able to effectively work and lead with others. She has the raw ingredients. Will she be able to mix up the ingredients and create the best Mahsa on time? Passionate, Relentless Effort, Insightful, Team Player

6)      Kelly – What I saw of her in E5 was a person who has great energy, creative mindset, and communications skills. She did a great job managing the overall creative concept for the women’s fashion show. I was also impressed with how she coached the models to act and walk the best way to reflect the brand and concept. It is takes a unique skills to develop a strong creative concept and coordinate all the necessary parts. She moves ahead of Anand because her contributions had more impact than Anand’s. Her only flaw in E5 did not lead to disaster. Creative, Communicator

7)      Anand – He needs to make a move sooner than later. Right now he is just playing it safe and it reflects his position in this ranking. Like Steuart, he needs to break out and be his own man. He has been consistent every episode and delivers on his tasks. I am not sure what his strategy is, whether or not he is letting others take the risk and let them jeopardize themselves. It’s time for him to stop playing small.  I think he might fall short leading. I see him more of a follower. Intelligent, Team Player, Consistent Performer

8)      Liza –Like Anand, it is time for her bust out and shows us what she is capable of. I am afraid she is losing out to stronger performances. This is not a knock on her. I have always been a fan of Liza. I just think she needs to make an impact because everyone around her is starting to separate themselves from the bottom of pack. I just hope she will be able to harness her passion into something effective and constructive. Her emotion is her biggest strength and also her biggest weakness. She is the female counterpart of David? I don’t think so but I also think she will need to learn how to showcase her strength. Passionate, Team Player, High Integrity

9)      Poppy – She might have made the only major error in E5 on the ladies team. She didn’t buy enough underwear for all eight models. Stephanie expressed her displeasure about this error and asked her to find a way to fix it. Unfortunately, she did not fix it. I really don’t think she can hang with the big girls at this point in her life. She has been playing small and weak the last few episodes. She is slipping fast . I don’t think she has the ability to recognize this trend and take a personal pulse check. Collaborator, Lame Duck, Insignificant Contributor

10)   David – It is just sad to see him make it pass another episode. He has to be one of the luckiest guys around. I am sure everyone who left before him is hating on him. David the perfect example of who not to pick for a project. He is obnoxious and lacks competency in so many areas. Why did the producers pick this guy? I suppose they didn’t some comic relief or a dramatic hook to keep viewers watching. You can just see the displeasure in Trumps eyes when he has to speak to David and tell him he sucks. Trump is ready to drop the ax on him. Emotionally Strung, High-Energy, Wise-Guy, Selfish

11)   Wade – Fired Episode 5

12)   Gene – Fired Episode 5

13)   Tyana  – Fired Episode 4

14)   James – Fired Episode 3

15)   Alex – Fired Episode 2

16)   Nicole – Fired Episode 1

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