The “Laosy” Apprentice – Power Rankings – Episode 4

“Country Ho-Down Swagga” reaches the top of the charts. Last week, using his “County Ho-Down Swagga,” Clint was the biggest mover in the charts. This week, he finds himself comfortably on top. It has been a pleasure watching this country boy take-over Manhattan. If you recall in E1, Trump questioned if Clint owned a tie. He was in the boardroom looking dazed and confused, feeling a little bit out of his environment. That was his wake-up call. From day 1, I have been a fan of Clint and wanted him to unleash his “Country Ho-Down Swagga” to show Trump he means business. He didn’t disappoint in E4 and now sits as king of the world.

Now that we are four episodes into the season, the contestants are learning the dynamics of the show. We are starting to learn more about each person. I expect the level of competition to be greater now going forward. Just a reminder for some of you or if you are new to reading this ranking, in order to be ranked #1, a contestant MUST have led their team as a Project Manager. This is the only way to really know how great a leader a person is. I am very high on Steuart. I think he has the tools to win this contest. Until he leads, he will always remain second best.

The biggest loser for this week was Tyana. I was so happy to see her go. I wanted to get fired last episode. Actually, I wanted her to get fired in E1. Now she is gone and can get back to becoming the best “cougar” she can be.

The shocker of the week was Wade. I was really high on him based upon his performance in the firing room in E3. He confidently and boldly told Trump he will be the man to show the men how to lead and win. I am sure Trump was expecting him too. It surprised him as well when Clint stepped up to be Project Manager. Trump immediately had a puzzled look and asked Wade why he didn’t step up. To me, this was a sign of weakness. If you are going to give a man like Trump your word, then you better do your best to live up it.

Mahsa continues to be my #1 female contestant. Let’s hope she doesn’t get complacent because things can shake up very fast on the women’s team. It looks like there will be a fierce battle brewing.

The “Laosy” Apprentice Rankings:

1)      Clint – He hits the top of the charts like a Toby Keith country smash hit. He was the biggest mover last episode and now he finds himself in the penthouse suite. If he keeps up his performance, I wouldn’t be very surprised to see him win it all. In the beginning, I wanted to see his swagger. In E4, he definitely displayed it all, leading his team to a strong victory. I was impressed at how he was able to harness his enthusiasm to his team. They fed off his energy and responded well.  Worker Bee, Team Player, Solid, High Energy

2)      Steuart – The guy has a strong magnetic energy. He is always having fun and always seen working hard to help his team succeed. He would be ranked #1 if he had the opportunity to lead and win a task. I think he is just waiting for the weak candidates to eliminate themselves and will make a strong move to win this competition.  It would be a huge shocker to me and I am sure to many of you if Steuart somehow finds his way into the firing room and ends up fired. I think he is smart enough to make sure that doesn’t happen in the near future. Fun, Energetic, Strong Soft Skills, Commanding Presence

3)      Mahsa – I was very proud of Mahsa. She is a very strong-willed person that strikes fear in her peers. She is smart and knowledgable. Even though she didn’t win the last task, she proved to me that she can lead. All her teammates except for Tyana commended her for a job well done.  Her strong and aggressive presence is starting to solidify her ranking. She will have to rely and trust others more in future episodes if she wants to climb to #1. This might be where she breaks and exposes her weakness. Passionate, Relentless Effort, Insightful, Team Player

4)      Anand – He becomes my “Poppy” from previous rankings. Basically, he remains at #4 until he does something or if someone else does something to break away from the pack. He is on the verge of a Top 3 candidate. He has the tools to succeed. I will just need to see him lead. My fear is that he will not be able to communicate his ideas effectively. He might be better as a follower than a leader. The only reason why he is above Gene is his energy. He has more upside than Gene. Both are competent and team players.  Intelligent, Team Player, Connector

5)      Gene – He was #1 for the last few weeks due to the lack of suitors. I had rated him #1 based upon his victory as a Project Manager. He served as a measuring stick for the performance of all Project Managers. I felt that anyone deserving the #1 spot had to win a task. Now that Clint proved to be a more effective Project Manager, Gene has come down to Earth.  He is starting to show his age. I would like to see him with more energy and impact. Solid, Professional, Direct, Intelligent

6)      Stephanie – I have been very harsh on Stephanie the last few episodes describing her as a bitch that knows how to speak but not deliver. I still believe that she didn’t quite a great job inspiring her team in E2. Yet, I do believe that she has the “know-how” abilities. And I also believe that she is learning the ropes each episode. I was very encouraged by her in E4. She was more relaxed and having fun. She gave a pin-point assessment of her team’s performance to Trump. I would like to see her take the spotlight and see how she performs as a Project Manager. Lacking Impact, Overly Aggressive Personality,

7)      Liza –I have been a strong proponent for Liza despite her emotional outbursts. To me, she is super committed to working hard and is vulnerable to baseless feedback. The comments directed at her were based upon personal feelings and emotions not necessarily facts. Liza did a great job demonstrating her strong character by delivering feedback based upon facts in E4. Like many of the contestants, I feel her ultimate judgement will come when she finally leads. I believe if she chooses to lead too soon, then she will lose because she does not have the respect of her team. She will need to focus on gaining their respect before leading. Passionate, Team Player, High Integrity

8 )      Poppy – After E3, I had her ranked #5. I called this the neutral spot. Basically, it was the lame duck spot. Poppy for the most part has been able to get by with not contributing much. Now that the season is 4 episodes old, the contestants are learning the dynamics of the game. They are learning how to make an impact. Poppy is just a lame duck at this point. She hasn’t done much to help or hurt herself. The fact that others have stepped up, lowers her in the rankings. I hope she doesn’t end up sneaking her way into the finals.   Intelligent, Collaborator, Lame Duck, Insignificant Contributor

9)      Kelly – We finally get to see more snippets of Kelly and Brandy in E4. The previous episodes, there wasn’t much to talk about Kelly because the producers decided to edit the footage and concentrate on other characters. This doesn’t mean that she is good or bad. I am encouraged of what I heard from her as she spoke about her team and task. I am still not able to get a strong grasp to really rank her fairly.

10)   Brandy – She falls into the same category as Kelly. You will notice Wade below. I felt that Wade’s character and actions are a cause of concern. In my opinion, Wade is most likely to get fired sooner than Kelly or Brandy. I didn’t have a negative reaction listening and watching the two as opposed to seeing how Wade reacted. Like others, we will know more about Brandy and Kelly in future shows. I think Brandy is a dark horse waiting to turn the corner and make a mad rush to the finish line. Let the races begin!

11)   Wade – After E3, I expected to see him take charge and lead the men’s team. I wanted to see how he would manage David as he boldly told Trump that he is capable of making David a superstar. Now, I wish I didn’t have such high hopes for him. He gave up his Project Manager role to Clint very easily. If he really wanted to be Project Manager to prove a point to Trump, then he would have fought a bit harder for the position. He had to know this would somehow leave an impression on Trump. During the task, Wade reveals his conservative mind-set. He thought that the viral video was too violent and it would influence children negatively. I am not sure if he has seen other concepts on TV that are worst than what his team produced. Someone please pass me the bottle of “weak sauce.” WEAK

12)   David – I have always said this guy’s days are numbered. Luckily, his team won in E4. It would have been very interesting to see how the men would fare in the boardroom. Everyone performed excellent because David was not there. Would Trump fire David because he bailed out on his team? If that was the only resounding factor the men were able to round up, then yes, I can see Trump firing David. Regardless, he is exiting stage left very soon.  Emotionally Strung, High-Energy, Wise-Guy, Selfish

13) Tyana  – Fired Episode 4

14)   James – Fired Episode 3

15)   Alex – Fired Episode 2

16)   Nicole – Fired Episode 1

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