The “Laosy” Apprentice – Power Rankings – Episode 3

It is always a fun experience to complete a ranking list and pretend to really know what’s going to happen. It reminds me of reading Fantasy Football Hate/Love rankings and adjusting your Sunday roster based upon the great knowledge and insight of the author. Once the game is played, I hate myself and realize how dumb I am for listening to such a moron after losing miserably based upon the ranking. I guess I probably fall into this category in one way or another with this ranking. I wanted to rank the candidates to mostly amuse myself and see if I could really gauge leadership development. It is a personal challenge and I do find it humbling that others enjoy reading it and sharing their opinions. This is really where the best learning comes from. Through the discussions of leadership topics both parties are able to deeply explore what makes an effective leader. That’s all I can ask for.

Let’s get to the ranking. After E3, I was distraught that James was fired over David. I had James ranked at #6 and David ranked at #11 after E2. James is an analytical type of leader, having the book smarts and understanding processes. David was completely opposite. He is a salesperson who is selfish and in the words of Trump, a “wise-guy.” I felt that James had more upside if he could learn how to work with people and align them to his vision. He took the risk of becoming Project Manager in E3. His first official move was apologizing to his team for his performance from previous challenges and asked them to work with him in the current tasks. I found this commendable. He was trying very hard to achieve a unified team. In the end, his lack of people skills led to his firing. This supported my conclusion about him. He didn’t prove to have the ability to connect and build rapport with his team.

As for David, I really wish he was fired. He was blatantly sabotaging his team and specifically, James. He was also very arrogant about it too. I found it interesting the both Ivanka and Trump labeled him as insubordinate and a trouble-maker. I don’t think he will make it to the end unless he does a complete 180 degrees shift in his attitude. Frankly, I don’t see much in this guy. His strategic thinking skill is very limited. He is proud of his sales skills but has not realized that leadership is not one-sided.

Making an appearance in the Rankings is Wade. James had brought him into the firing room because his contributions were not visible and impactful. I agreed with James on his reasoning. He didn’t really do much and wasn’t seen on camera other than expressing an opinion a few times. Wade must have felt this stigma because he voluntarily tells Trump that he will emerge from the shadows and lead the team to victory in the next challenge by showing people how to manage a wise-guy like David. This was a bold statement and I am waiting to see how strong or weak Wade really is.

The women pretty much kept stagnant other than Tyana, Mahsa, Stephanie, and Liza. Tyana was the Project Manager and lucked out because her team won. She really didn’t show me much at all other than the fact that she acted selfishly by assigning herself as the receptionist instead of Mahsa. Additionally, she thought it was a good idea to send a rookie, Mahsa, to take care of the dogs. Stephanie and Liza continue their disagreement. It is apparent that Stephanie’s accusation of Liza’s emotional outburst as a distraction to the team is completely baseless.

The “Laosy” Apprentice Rankings:

1)      Gene – He remains #1 and is the best Project Manager that I have seen so far. I thought he gave a great assessment of why James fired David. Despite the chaos and distractions on his team, he continued to do his work professionally.  I would like to see in future episodes his ability to step in and diffuse chaos. Solid, Professional, Direct, Intelligent

2)      Steuart – His presence commands attention. This was evident in the boardroom when he silenced the room with his thoughts on his team’s performance.  He was the bread-winner in E2 for his team delivering substantial results. His test will come when he is Project Manager. So far he has done all the right things. Fun, Energetic, Strong Soft Skills, Commanding Presence

3)      Mahsa – I am still going out on a limb and stating that Mahsa is the strongest female candidate so far. She really has a good sense of what she is doing. Despite not getting the receptionist job, she was able to carry a great attitude working through her fear of dogs. She was again very strong in the boardroom, replying to Trump with very solid statements on her team’s performance. Passionate, Relentless Effort, Insightful, Team Player

4)      Clint – This is the surprise move of the week.  I had Anand at #4 last week and Clint #8. I decided that Clint was more effective this episode. Clint raised the concern about James’ lack of respect for the owner. He was very troubled that a person would easily dismiss a person of authority. This showed me he understands how to work with people and processes. He upheld his position in the boardroom firing his attack at James. I was surprised at his strong response and it really separated him from everyone below. Worker Bee, Team Player, Solid

5)      Poppy – I find it interesting Poppy remains at #5. I believe this is my neutral area so far. Poppy didn’t really do much in E3. She is commended for trying to build team spirit with a toast after her victory in E2. I didn’t find her very engaging with Jack Welch. Fortunately for her, I didn’t find any reason to drop her and the candidates below didn’t give me reasons to raise them.  Intelligent, Collaborator

6)      Anand – He drops from #4 and lands here. He was pretty much nowhere to be seen in this episode. I had tagged him as outgoing and am starting to realize that this might be a product of his environment more so his natural personality trait. Even in the boardroom, he was silent and reserved. He was content to hearing others give feedback. It wasn’t until Trump called on him that he spoke. He delivered a very thought out assessment and raised the question of respect. This gave me some assurance that he is knowledgeable but dude, learn to speak up! Intelligent, Team Player, Connector

7)      Wade – He makes it into the rankings and shoots past seven candidates due to his boldness and more because everyone below is in the doghouse for one reason or another. He hasn’t done much over the last three episodes. I suspect he is just hanging out, taking notes, and waiting for the right opportunity to shine. Like Poppy, he is more in a neutral area than anything else. I will give him credit for telling Trump he will lead the men to victory and show everyone how to manage wise-guy, David. If he does win, I will guarantee you he will shoot to the top. Bold, Risk-Taker

8 )      Liza – She moves down from the #7 spot. I am now going crazy as I sort out the remainder of the candidates. How do I fairly assess who’s better than who? I guess my answer to this question is another question: Who would I want on my team first? Given the candidates left, I prefer Liza because of her commitment and passion. I really see a hard working person who does her work professionally. She knows she is not liked by her team. Instead of worrying about the drama, she focuses on her tasks. My only question on her is why it took so long to develop the banners? In the end, she contributed to the team’s success with a nice design.  Focused, Determined, Awareness, Passionate, Team Player

9)      Tyana – Given the remaining choices, she is best poison left. I thought she acted selfishly by assigning herself as the receptionist and not taking into consideration other candidates. She didn’t do a good job evaluating her team’s talents and applying it appropriately to roles and tasks. She really got lucky she won. I don’t see her lasting too long and her gaps will be exposed in future episodes. And lastly, is being named Ms. Cougar of California a good thing or bad thing? Selfish,  Incompetent,

10)   Stephanie – She continued to be a bitch. I am not sure where her anger comes from. Maybe because she is feeling undervalued because her work has no impact. I have yet to see her actual contributions to the team. All I see is her bitching and complaining. I would have no problem with this if it was justified. Her attack on Liza was baseless and not relevant to the task. Eventually her lack of contributions will cause her to be removed if her mouth doesn’t get her first. Whiner, Lacking Impact, Overly Aggressive Personality

11)   David – If there was ever an example of how not to be, David would get my vote. He was just outright obnoxious and arrogant. He should feel very lucky that he is still in the competition. Maybe this second chance will cause him to relax a bit and start using his brain. I am still skeptical if has a brain. Trump really gave him a second life after telling him that he is a wise-guy. I don’t think Trump will advance him further if he makes another appearance in the firing room again. David’s days are numbered.  It would have been cool to see Trump fire two people in one episode. Emotionally Strung, High-Energy, Wise-Guy, Selfish

12) Kelly – insufficient information to assess

13)   Brandy – insufficient information to assess

14)   James – Fired Episode 3

15)   Alex – Fired Episode 2

16)   Nicole – Fired Episode 1

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