I am Lao, I am NOT Laos – Video

Cute video explaining the difference between Lao and Laos. I wish we could have more of these educational videos. I can’t speak for all Laotians. For me, I believe I lose my identity and ethnic heritage every day because of the richness of the American way of life. I grew up speaking Lao with my family and as I got older, English became the primary language as a necessity. I have seen how this dynamic has impacted my family and other Lao families in my community. The younger generation is impacted the most. The core Lao way-of-living takes a back row seat to the American way-of-living. I am not sure how it is for others outside the US and I can only speculate that there are similarities. When a video like this comes out, it serves as a reminder for me to cherish my ethnic roots, work harder to embrace and learn the culture and pass down my knowledge to the others, especially the younger generation.

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