The “Laosy” Apprentice – Power Rankings – Episode 2

After two weeks of following The Apprentice, I am going to rank the candidates based upon how “Laosy” they have been. Please note – this ranking is based upon the “face time” each candidate receives during the episodes.  If a candidate is the Project Manager they are going to receive the majority of the air time allowing viewers to get a better insight on who they are and how they lead. For the rest of the candidates, it varies how often they appear. Based upon this process, I thought it would be unfair rank candidates that have not had an opportunity to showcase their abilities or lack of abilities. Here is the ranking after the first two episodes:

The “Laosy” Apprentice Power Rankings:

1)      Gene – He won the first challenge and displayed a cool and calm professional. Stayed focus in the heat of battle and completed the task without many bumps along the way. His only flaw, if you call it a flaw, is telling Trump he felt “absolutely positive” the men won the second challenge. They lost and he had to eat his words. This can also be seen as confidence and team loyalty. Solid, Professional, Direct, Intelligent

2)      Steuart – I debated if I should put Poppy here since she won the second challenge. Then I decided that winning a challenge doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage over other candidates. I like Steuart because he has been a great team player who is fun, energetic, positive and smart. He has been able to exceed his expectations for each challenge. I have a gut feeling he will be a good Project Manager when given the opportunity. Fun, Energetic, Strong Soft Skills

3)      Mahsa – Call me a bit crazy for being this high on her. Truth is – I hated her after the first episode for being very unprofessional in the boardroom as she was ripping Nicole apart. I realized this was an example of her passionate demeanor. I had to give her credit for opening her mouth because for the most part, she was right. She just needed to work on the delivery a bit. After the second episode, I saw a smart, passionate, aggressive, and softer Mahsa. She is a very strong candidate. Passionate, Relentless Effort, Insightful

4)      Anand – Like Steuart, he has done his job well. He is a team player waiting for his shot to lead. He has the making of a strong leader as he understands the situation and can relate really well with others. The verdict is still open on him and I might be speculating too much at this point. From what I seen from the other competitors, he definitely does appear to have a stronger upside. I am sure once we see him as a Project Manager his weakness will surface. Of course, this applies to everyone who hasn’t had a chance to lead a challenge. Outgoing, Team Player, Connector

5)      Poppy – Here’s where I believe everyone following Poppy are fairly equal due to “face time.” I have Poppy higher than them because she was able to demonstrate her abilities and won a challenge. Overall, she has the potential to be great if she learns from her Project Manager experience. She didn’t do anything to hurt herself but she didn’t really do anything to help herself either. She is very capable and will need to push the initiatives more to solidify her intelligence. (Please note, I expect her to shift in the rankings once the candidates below have more “face time” in future episodes.) Intelligent, Collaborator

6)      James – I think James is on Trump’s radar after his performance in episode two. He is an analytic thinker. This is his strength and also, his weakness. I was happy to know he is aware of his short-comings and acknowledge that his sales skills are lacking and needs development. Being aware and open of your shortcomings is the first step of growth and development. I think he is very competent to lead a team and will be successful if he is able to learn how to align people to his vision. This will be his test. If he can demonstrate his ability to work with others, he will be a very strong candidate. Intelligent, Analytical

7)      Liza – If you like commitment, then Liza is your type. She has been able to stick to her words on performance. Poppy threw her under the bus in episode two. The challenge was about sales and Liza did sell the least. I can understand Liza’s frustrations because she made it clear with Poppy that she is not the strongest salesperson and would take the task of accounting for her team. To me, she shouldn’t have been punished for this because it was clear up front what the expectations were. She made an effort to help the team by selling and keeping track of accounting. She has a fight in her. If she is able to get the team to work with her, I think she will be another strong candidate. Awareness, Passionate, Team Player

8)      Clint – He hasn’t done much to kill himself besides not wearing a tie in the boardroom in episode one. This can be an indication of his lack of awareness. It happened early on so he should be able to learn and recover. I was impressed he didn’t back down in a confrontation with David in episode one. I want to see how strong his swagger is because I am not too sure he will be able to survive corporate America. Worker Bee, Team Player, Solid

9)      Tyana – There is something about her that rubs me the wrong way. She gets effort points. She seems to be trying hard to make an impact. It just looks to me that after two weeks, her impact isn’t great. She was in charge of picking furniture for the first episode. Her team lost because Trump thought the design did not match the objectives of the challenge. This was a surprise to me and the rest of the team because she is self-proclaimed design expert. This tells me that she is incompetent and might be the least intelligent on her team. Incompetent, Team Player

10)   Stephanie – She was viewed as very aggressive (in other words, a bitch) by her teammates in episode two. She was assigned the task of leading the sales initiative. From hearing her speak of sales strategies and concepts, I thought she was competent. Her flaw was in the delivery. She became a sideline coach. Her inability to create rapport with her teammates made her look like a dictator. Additionally, she alienated herself some more when she didn’t sport the team’s pink tank top uniform.  If she does not get out of the sidelines and join the battle, she will soon be out of the contest. Competent, Overly Aggressive Personality

11)   David – He lost the challenge in episode two because he didn’t know how to manage his team and resources. He might be a good salesperson but leadership is more than selling. He is high-energy, reactive, sensitive, and emotional. This is a recipe of a volcanic explosion. David will need to learn how to work with people and manage processes if he wants to stay in the competition. Emotional, High-Energy

I didn’t feel it was fair to rank the candidate below since I didn’t feel they had enough “face time” to justify an assessment.




You’re FIRED!

Alex – Episode 2

Nicole – Episode 1

I am sure you all have your own opinions. Please feel free to send your rankings or send me your comments.

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