Small Wonders – Happy Friday!

It’s Friday. I started today in a mess. It definitely looked like it was going to be another “Laosy Day.” I had overslept and had to rush out of the house to drive my brother to the train station. He just started a new job and there was NO WAY I would have him be late. We had already missed the regular train. I still had time to scoop him up and take him to another station. I get in the car and there is no gas. The dashboard tells me there is “ZERO” mile left to go. REFUEL NOW! Oh boy, can’t risk stopping at the gas station and being late!!!

I started zooming and cutting my way down the road riding on hope. Besides having no gas, I was panicking… “Please, please, please no speeding ticket!” I pulled up to my mother’s house and my brother jumps in. My mom was waiting outside with him. She stopped by and gave me a kiss. I tell her we are late and we needed to go.

We arrived at the station with five minutes to spare. My brother gets out. I tell him not to forget the tomato and cucumber from my mom’s garden. He tells me that they are mine and my mom picked them for me. I say thank you and breathe a sigh of relief. He’s going to be on time. Whew!

Now I needed gas. Again, I am zooming and cutting anxiously on the road. Finally, I pulled up to the station and filled up the tank. A few minutes later I get home. I pulled into my driveway. I looked at my tomato and cucumber. The tomato looked kind of funny. It was discolored, yellow on orange? I picked up the tomato. Oh, the yellow is a sticky note from my mom – “Alan, <3 Mom.”

A great smile stretches across my face. Totally unexpected! In the midst of the busy and chaotic morning, a simple note hit the spot. This a great example of the simple and small wonders of the world that can brighten up anyone’s day. I hope we all can pass this “sticky note” along. Let’s take a few minutes and paste our own “sticky notes.” Have a “Laosy Day!”


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  1. It is call Pineapple tomato very sweet and the last one… cucumber – I ran out to the rain to pick it for you and the rain water touched me and felt so good. I thought I was a kid myself. But, AJ and your long beans that you had planted the seeds on the ground for me is stilled producing nice long…one! You are awesome kid!!! I’m so glad that you are aware of your surrounding. Sticky!!!note!!! and we are sticking together forever and ever!!!God bless you.

    • MOM! You are so wonderful. Thank you for making my day with the sticky note. You never seem to stop loving! Keep Loving! Speaking of the long beans, you have to make dum mahk towha (do you know what I mean?). Yes, we are sticking together forever!! Love you and God bless you!

    • Thanks Matt. That is the joy of living and the beauty of it all. I sometimes miss it too and need reminders like these to help me realize the beauty of life, no matter the great or bad. Thanks for being so forgiving this morning. I am glad we made it on time for you.

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