We are Family!

The disco classic hit, “We are family.” sums up the “grooooovinessss” of my family. We are fun and we love to live it up and have a great time. This past weekend was a special moment for me. We celebrated my mom’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and my other brother’s graduation. What made it so special was the family and friends that attended. They arrived from Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

These travelers plus the local relatives and friends made this more than just a celebration. It became a family reunion. For me, it was more a renewal. A renewal of our love for one another. No matter how far apart in distance or how far apart we are in our hearts, we all came together and reignited the bond that we all share.

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I had to cry a tear or two reflecting back on how each person at the party influenced my life. There were the trips to Iowa where we would go fishing and eat tons of food. There were my annual summer trips to Wisconsin hanging out with my cousins, eating Rocky Roco pizza and breaking my ankle. There were the moments where my aunt would care for me as my mom went to work. She would put so much sugar in my milk so I would drink it. Thanks for the cavities! There were the endless Nintendo games and gifts my uncles would spoil us every Christmas. There were days of just being brothers, playing and more playing.

These days flashed through me and stopped the world. I remembered it all. We shared laughs upon laughs as we reminded each other of how silly we were when we were younger. Nothing beats a party where you can feel the love in the air. After all the hard years everyone struggled through in life, it was just great to know that we will always be one big happy family. It is just more amazing to see how the “little ones” are now bigger than me. Life goes by so fast. People grow up so quickly. No matter how fast or how big they grow, they will never grow out of my heart and life. Thank you God for blessing me with my family!

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