Living on a Prayer

Oh wow! I have to eat my words!! Lately, I have been thinking about recent conversations I have had with friends and associates about productivity. Essentially, I have been saying and telling them that you can’t just wait and hope others will get things done for you. Hoping and praying has nothing to do with the fact that you need to get past your laziness and just do what it is that you have to do. Simple, eh?

Well, I guess it is simple and yet, so easy to neglect. This week I was reminded how lazy and unorganized I am. I knew what I needed to get done and all the related elements to achieve this task. Yet, I choose to just hope and pray someone will just be helpful, read my mind and “Voila.. Here you go Alan. Just exactly what you need!”

Now after the shear fact that I failed myself miserably, I realized just how silly and irresponsible I was. I had all the time in the world to get myself ready for these moments. I just kept on hoping that it will be taken care of and that someone will just be kind, offer me grace and complete my task. NOPE, life doesn’t work that way. Hoping and praying is not a substitute for rolling up your sleeves and working hard.

Ha! This example of laziness affirms how “Laosy” I am. It is just so easy to wait on others where I am the one who owns the outcome. This week I was reminded how easily I can rely on others and use it as  justification for my laziness. The lesson I just realized is that I can’t dismiss the minor details. I have to concentrate with the fullest intention on completing my task and take responsibility for my success. How much more productive can we all be if we can get past our justifications and focus on just doing rather than hoping?

Here is the Laosy Life” Guide for “Living on a Prayer:”

1)      You are the master of your domain! – If you are a fan of Seinfeld, I am sorry but this not  quite what I meant.  LoL. – Take care of your house. If you diligently maintain an efficient household, then it has a significant impact on how you manage your tasks. Clean up the clutter.

2)      Don’t settle for a substitute! – How often do we use other things as a substitute for the real thing? In many cases, a substitute might be a good choice. In the case of getting things done, substituting hope and prayer is not a good choice. Hoping and praying guide your actions. The power of prayer is strong and I believe in it greatly. In the end, you still have to act and overcome your laziness.

3)       Don’t be “Laosy!” – Ultimately, it’s your life and you determine your success. Don’t count on me or anyone else to make things happen for you. We all own our outcomes and hopefully, with some hard work, we will all be successful.

Please feel free to share with me some of your tips. What works for you? What makes you push forward and defeat your laziness? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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