Sales Rebels

Last night my friend and I decided to test our wits in a trivia contest hosted by a blogger team, “Chicago Hearts Trivia,” from ChicagoNow. It was our first crack at testing our memory bank of useless information.

Interestingly enough, I was humbled at how awful I am answering questions like, “what celebrity was featured in a Mariah Carey music video?” and “who played Stifler’s mom?” Pop culture and movies/actors are definitely not my cup of tea. Give me some math, science or history and I will be like a true geek! After two rounds, I realized that this is not a contest for geeks but more a contest for hipsters, young trendy folks who are absorbed in the daily happenings of celebrityville. This is why I am just a “Laosy Guy.” I could barely understand English growing up. How did you expect me to recite movie lines? LOL

I am a “Laosy Guy” with no hope of coolness. If you needed me to know who the current Bachlorette is or who’s dating Madonna, I couldn’t even pretend to know. Thankfully, our night was salvaged. We were in dead last and feeling hopeless. It must have been the look on our faces or something (I don’t think it was our good looks. Well, maybe! LOL) because this person just stepped into our team and started whispering answers to the most silly obnoxious questions ever. Really, seriously, who really knows the youngest actress to win an Emmy!?!?

Apparently, this gal had all the answers. My buddy and I just sat there bedazzled as she displayed great poise under pressure. She was charming and super witty. I was impressed. How did we ever get so lucky to adopt a person like this to be on our team? I guess we weren’t meant to finish in last place.

As the questions kept on coming, we quickly became aware of the intentions of this savior. She asked for our phones and wanted to send a text message “Whiskey” to 75309. She quickly explained to us that she was working and needed to text 400 messages for her client’s campaign.

There it was! We fell for her sales ploy!! She was able to hook us with her witty personality and her execution. Now, we were obligated to give her our phones. I was actually happy to do so because I was impressed with her approach and delivery.

As a career Salesperson, I remember how fearful it is for me to approach people and ask them to do something or give me something. It takes a lot of guts to walk up to a stranger and ask them to buy something or do something. The pure fact that she was able to use her personality and create a great rapport was impressive and commendable. Once I recognized this skill, I decided to join forces and have some fun with her.

As she made her rounds, I decided to give her a quota. “Get five text messages or you can’t come back to this table. Do it now!” “Oh, so if you get 25 text messages, what do you want?” I was wearing my Sales Manager hat and enjoying the interaction. It was fun to see her play along. I would then shadow her presentations, joking with others not to trust her and that if they texted the message, they will receive plenty of spam texts. She responded with more enthusiasm and had a lot of fun countering my distractions.

All in all, interacting with her served as a great reminder to me how challenging sales is. It takes a very unique character to excel. I would like to believe that salespersons are like rebels. They have to perform tasks and activities out of the norm of most people’s daily scope.

Here’s a summary of “The Laosy Life’s” guide to a successful person to person interaction;

1) Show your teeth! – Smile. It is always easier to captivate others with a fun, friendly and warm smile.

2) Deliver the goods! – This gal was able to serve us with answers we were seeking. Remember that every interaction is an opportunity to serve others. If you can demonstrate the ability to serve, then you will more than likely develop rapport and have an audience. Serving others can mean providing help outside the scope of the sales process or product.

3) Do a little dance, make a little love, have fun tonight! – I am sure you will be happy to really achieve this! Make sure you are having fun. Humor is a key attribute that will help you break the ice. Also, if you get rejected, all you can do is keep having fun and move on to the next target.

4) Keep your promises! – If you are going to deliver a service, make sure you do it right. This means being brutally honest about expectations and shortcomings. I was impressed how this salesperson was able to assure others that there will be no spam.

Needless to say, I was happy to see all these traits through this salesperson. And I also learned another lesson about myself. I fall too easy for sales ploys and have a heart for salespeople. Next time you get a random person step into your team and start answering all your trivia questions, make sure to keep an eye and ear out for an upcoming sales pitch! LOL

And yes, this post wouldn’t really be “Laosy” if I didn’t ask you to kindly help the cause and please… please… please… (Did I say, “Please?”)… please TEXT “Whiskey” to 75309. You will be helping my quota! Have a great day! Thanks for reading.


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  1. I can’t believe she knew that Robert Downey Jr was in that Elton John video. That was solid. She won a roster spot on Unemployed Czechs right there.

    • Hey “The other guy at the table” – It now appears that she has accepted the offer to be on our permanent trivia team. In return, we will have to tatoo “Text Whiskey to 75309” on our bottoms. I have already agreed and now we need to go get tats.

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