Emerging Force

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a post from one of my friends on Facebook about an up and coming player in the NBA, Jeremy Lin. Sports has always been one of my passions. I remember waking up every day and wanting to go outside to play anything with a ball. Our neighborhood resembled the “Sandlot.” There was always a game going on. Kids from other neighboring places would migrate to our field and challenge us in baseball, basketball and football.

Playing sports at an early age taught me a lot about life. You always hear the benefits of sports and why you should encourage children to play outside. Nowadays, you hear that more due to the increasing popularity of technology. Kids prefer to stay in and hangout with friends on the computer or absorb themselves on the Xbox or WII. As parents and mentors to children, we should continue to encourage more kids to go out and play.

For me, playing outside was my life. I learned the valuable lessons of teamwork and the skill of trusting others to do their job. Of course, I learned that I had a role and had to perform. I quickly learned the dynamics of leadership. I always ended up organizing the games and players. I enjoyed the interaction and the ability to make things happen. My off-the-field leadership soon translated to the on-the-field interaction. I would assume the leadership position for our teams and lead the teams to victory more so than loss.

In the midst of just having fun, I never thought for a second that I would be using these skills later in life. I was just a kid having fun hitting baseballs, running from endzone to endzone and swishing baskets. This will always be one of my fondest memory of childhood. I am grateful for the lessons and benefits.

Last night, I completed my Friday night basketball league game. We lost in overtime to a three pointer. I was surprised how it all came about. I guess after watching and playing sports all my life, I should have expected the unexpected. This is another element of sports that appeals to me. You just never know what can happen.

As for Jeremy Lin – you just never know what can happen. Here is a very talented player making a name for himself during the NBA summer league. He has demonstrated the ability to perform at a high level. It is quite impressive to follow him and witness his ability.

I suppose I am more attracted to him due to his Asian American background. Don’t forget, I am a “Laosy” guy. You don’t really hear much about Asians in American professional sports because there really isn’t many of us competing at that level. It is a natural outcome for me to root for his success. In many levels, I am rooting for my success and the success of the Asian-American community. I have always dreamed of playing sports at a professional level when I was younger. The thought of throwing the winning touchdown or hitting the winning HR in the BIG game was a part of my daily routine. Now, I can relive this dream through the talents of other athletes. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Jeremy.

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