Really Laosy Day

Have you ever had a day you just wished you can stay in bed and not have to deal with the inevitable stress? Well today started out very upsetting. I have been dealing with some major issues at work for the last couple of months. It was and is slowly eating me away. Patiently, I waited for the situation to correct itself. I mean…”C’mon, I have done everything possible to reconcile this situation!  Why is this still happening?” The questions I ask and keep asking only left me feeling like a hostage and just helpless.

The days of feeling sorry for my situation are numbered. I know exactly what I need to do but am fearful of the unknown and immediate reaction of this action. My spirits were lifted after consulting a dear friend. She intuitively sensed my mood and reached out to me to provide a sense of comfort and support. Like a true friend, she knew when I needed a friend the most.

Days like these remind me of the importance of having people on your side. Having people who care about you. Having people who stand by you. Because of their support, I am able to confront my battles and know I have an army of supportive friends ready to draw their swords for and with me. Life is an endless war with many battles. To survive and grow, you must have the courage and support to face the truth every day no matter how scary it is. Thank goodness for true friends!

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