“Everything” Rocks

Lifehouse – Everything

Have you ever had a friend recommend a song that was just so fitting? About a month ago, I heard a Lifehouse song while driving. A few days later, I arrived at work and wanted to hear that song. I wasn’t too sure of the name and decided to search Lifehouse on YouTube.

The search results populated and I clicked on the first video, “Everything.” Immediately, I was drawn in  by the solemn intro music. And then, all of a sudden, I was experiencing a deeper connection. The lyrics, the music, the moment, and my soul connected in perfect harmony. I couldn’t completely understand what I was experiencing. A burst of emotions flowed in me. I felt so grateful for “Everything.” It was not the song I was searching for but it was the song that found me.

I had been sorting through a series of questions about the events and circumstances that were surfacing in my life. I had so many questions and not so many answers. This song arrived to me at the right time. I needed to be reminded of “Everything.” I needed to connect to my glorious friend who “indirectly” recommended this song. I am sure he knew what he was doing.

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